We Al Hajjaj Pest Control Services are one of the very few pest control service companies approved by Dubai municipality and Ministry of Agriculture & Environment to do toxic gas fumigation. It is a specialized pest control method to kill all the pests like weevils, beetles etc. in their four stages of developments present in the stored products.
Hydrogen Phosphide Gas (PH3) is used as the fumigant to do the fumigation. The specialty of the method is that the gas will penetrate through the stored commodity and kill the pests without affecting the quality of the goods
Our qualified and well experienced staffs execute the treatment with utmost care and skill as the regent is highly toxic in nature
We do toxic gas fumigation of all food stuff in warehouses, containers, vessels, factories etc. We undertake fumigation of raw agriculture commodities, animals feeds, feed ingredients and other non food commodities too.

Types of Fumigation Executed by Al Hajjaj Pest Control Service

  • Container Fumigation
  • Stack Fumigation
  • Wooden Pallets and Box Fumigation
  • Ship Hold Fumigation

    Infestation problems can often be reduced by careful planning so that the possibilities of pest organisms reaching the commodity will be kept to a minimum. Location of the storage relative to sources of infestation is important, as well as quality of the structure. Well-built storages, with a minimum of sites where debris can accumulate and insects develop, are desirable. Other features of the storage that should be considered include facilities for conditioning such as aeration systems or driers, provision for proper inspection and cleaning and appropriate facilities for pest control procedures.



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