Rodent Control

Rodent control Dubai
Rodent control

Rats and mice are responsible for the spread of diseases like plague, Maurine typhus etc. Their urine, droppings and hair contaminate food material and they cause damage to electrical installation and can even cause fire by grinding gas pipes.

Over the years, Al Hajjaj Pest control services has been on the forefront of rodent control. Our passion to help people with their rodent problems has led to several innovations in how rodents are caught and blocked from a home. Throughout the years, we have developed a strategy to eliminate rodents based upon experience and an extensive knowledge of rodents and their behavior. Our inspector will inspect the lower crawlspace, the attic, the roof, garage and the entire exterior perimeter. All rodent entry points will be found and a trapping system will be installed in the infested areas.

Some of the various products used by AHPC in our rodent control programs are listed below:-

Rodent bait station:

If your rat infestation is only in the yard/warehouse it is better to place rodent bait station in the rat holes or any noticeable paths in the yard.

Glue Trap:

Glue traps are an effective and sanitary way to catch mice/rats.

Rodent cages:

Rodent cages can be used and can trap multiple numbers of rodents without the need of resetting the rodent cages.