Pest control

Importance of Pest Control

Living in a clean, healthy & pest –free environment is considered to be one of the most essential requirements of human being & to obtain this goal, effective control of harmful pests is a necessity.
Mankind is plagued by a multitude of pest occurring in all conceivable situations ranging from swaps to kitchens and from stables to hospitals.
These insects play their role as vectors for many diseases caused by micro organisms like bacteria, virus, protozoa etc. They cause diseases and spread them among human beings. Hence it is necessary to control them otherwise they are negative effects on human health.
We, Al Hajjaj Pest Control Services, maintain Integrated Pest Management (IPM) based unique management for the pest control treatments with the latest technology which are approved by U.A.E Ministry of Agriculture & Environment and Dubai Municipality. Safety and environmental considerations are becoming increasingly important and every pest problem requires individual strategy.


Gel is an insecticide for professional cockroach control. This is a highly attractive, food based medicine, which can draw cockroaches to feed on it from up to one metre. Once they have eaten Gel the cockroaches can contaminate each other by exchanging food. They also cannibalise dead carcasses and eat the excrements of the other cockroaches, allowing the transmission of Gel to previously unaffected cockroaches. gel can be applied in sensitive areas such as electrical control boxes,kitchen appliances, computers etc..

This method of application causes no disturbance to the customers.


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